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Collected Poems of Raymond Knister, ed. Dorothy Livesay (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1949): 38. PS 8521 N567A17 1949 Robarts Library.
1I shall not wonder more, then,
2But I shall know.
3Leaves change, and birds, flowers,
4And after years are still the same.
5The sea's breast heaves in sighs to the moon,
6But they are moon and sea forever.
7As in other times the trees stand tense and lonely,
8And spread a hollow moan of other times.
9You will be you yourself,
10I'll find you more, not else,
11For vintage of the woeful years.
12The sea breathes, or broods, or loudens,
13Is bright or is mist and the end of the world;
14And the sea is constant to change.
15I shall not wonder more, then,
16But I shall know.
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"Seven Poems," The Midland 8.12 (Dec. 1922): 332
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.