To Celia

Original Text: 
H. Kemp, A Collection of Poems, Written on Several Occasions (1672).
1  Not, Celia, that I juster am,
2      Or better than the rest;
3For I would change each hour like them
4      Were not my heart at rest.
5  But I am tied to very thee,
6      By every thought I have;
7Thy face I only care to see,
8      Thy heart I only crave.
9  All that in woman is ador'd
10      In thy dear self I find;
11For the whole sex can but afford
12      The handsome and the kind.
13  Why then should I seek farther store
14      And still make love anew?
15When change itself can give no more,
16      'Tis easy to be true.
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP 1.517.