Carrie Leigh's Hugh Hefner Haikus

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Miss Pamela’s Mercy (Toronto: Coach House Press, 1992): 71-73.
2tiger lilies, ochre veined
3downcast, sleek black cups
4small shadows, are the
5puckers in his pyjamas
6where his skin caves in
7tired profligate, I
8sigh and pour the oil along
9your circular sheets
10thinking of all the
11times, or women on this bed
12glossy old bunnies
13I imagine their
14breasts, plate of fried eggs, a row
15of tonsured monks' heads
16his tongue slithers, gaunt
17voluptuary, ugly
18old man, my eyes close
19when I roll his name
20Ner. along my tongue, like the
21line of cold test tubes
22thin bottled semen,
23he wants to plant it, deeply
24in my flat belly
25Hugh junior, and, or
26Carietta, a child is
27packed in dry blue ice
28in silk pyjamas
29they have an emperor's crest
30it is dark in there
31but it's cold as
32the green jacuzzi, bubbles
33are clouds on its face
34I will crush the glass
35with the fingers in his back
36and pile on my rings
37and all the fur coats
38and move down the circular
39stairs, bloated with gold
40the flowers are a
41venus-flytrap, with red curls
42flames and noxious breath
43his betrayal gives
44me granite fists, girls scatter
45movie stars crumple
46as I run away,
47from the gaudy prison cell,
48of tinsel and skin
49I'll sue him and write
50and build a home, in the
51desert, on the sun
52a sequined empress,
53a mirage -- in loungewear and
54harlequin glasses


1] Carrie Leigh: formerly a professional model, born and raised in Toronto, and featured in Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine in July 1986. She was his mistress from 1983-87 and made a $35 million lawsuit against him for palimony. Later she withdrew the suit. The real Carrie Leigh (who has numerous imposters) is now retired from modeling and lives in Los Angeles. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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