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Carl Sandburg, Chicago Poems (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1916), pp. 56-57. PS 3537 A618C5 1916 Robarts Library.
2      oln Park
3Shrivels in the sun by day when the motor cars whirr
4     by in long processions going somewhere to keep ap-
5     pointment for dinner and matineés and buying and
6     selling
7Though in the dusk and nightfall when high waves are
8     piling
9On the slabs of the promenade along the lake shore near
10     by
12And make to ride his bronze horse out into the hoofs
13     and guns of the storm.
14I cross Lincoln Park on a winter night when the snow
15     is falling.
17     his bronze forehead meeting soft echoes of the new-
18     sies crying forty thousand men are dead along the
19     Yser, his bronze ears listening to the mumbled roar
20     of the city at his bronze feet.
22     long legs in bronze, Garibaldi in a bronze cape, they
23     hold places in the cold, lonely snow to-night on their
24     pedestals and so they will hold them past midnight
25     and into the dawn.


1] General Grant: Ulysses S. Grant (1822-85), commander general of the victorious union armies in the American civil war, and 18th President of the United States.
Lincoln Park. 19th-century English style rolling park along 5 miles of Chicago's lakefront. Back to Line
11] combers: curling waves. Back to Line
16] the Yser: river flowing through France and Belgium into the South Sea. Back to Line
21] Garibaldi: Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-82), revolutionary leader in the liberation and unification of Italy under King Victor Emmanuel in 1861. Back to Line
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