Braid Claith

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Weekly Magazine or Edinburgh Amusement (Edinburgh, 1772). AP E345 MICR mfm Robarts Library
1Ye wha are fain to hae your name
2Wrote in the bonny book of fame,
3Let merit nae pretension claim
4       To laurel'd wreath,
6       In gude Braid Claith.
12       O' gude Braid Claith.
15A chiel that ne'er will be respekit
16       While he draws breath,
17Till his four quarters are bedeckit
18       Wi' gude Braid Claith.
19On Sabbath-days the barber spark,
20When he has done wi' scrapin wark,
23Or to the meadow, or the park,
24       In gude Braid Claith.
25Weel might ye trow, to see them there,
28       Wou'd be right laith,
30       In gude Braid Claith.
32For favour frae a lady's ein,
34       Before he sheath
35His body in a scabbard clean
36       O' gude Braid Claith.
37For, gin he come wi' coat threadbare,
39But crook her bonny mou' fu' sair,
40       And scald him baith.
41Wooers shou'd ay their travel spare
42       Without Braid Claith.
45Gies mony a doctor his degrees
47In short, you may be what you please
48       Wi' gude Braid Claith.
49For thof ye had as wise a snout on
50As Shakespeare or Sir Isaac Newton,
51Your judgment fouk wou'd hae a doubt on,
52       I'll tak my aith,
53Till they cou'd see ye wi' a suit on
54       O' gude Braid Claith.


5] hap: wrap.
wame: belly. Back to Line
7] fa: obtain. Back to Line
8] slae: sloe.
pow: head. Back to Line
9] gree: prize. Back to Line
10] graith: dress. Back to Line
11] bienly: comfortably. Back to Line
13] Woe betide him who has not plenty of it. Back to Line
14] gowk: fool.
geck: jeer. Back to Line
21] With small silver brooches in his shirt. Back to Line
22] gangs trigly: goes trimly. Back to Line
26] haffits: cheeks. Back to Line
27] pickly: a little. Back to Line
29] gawsy: gay. Back to Line
31] If any mettled gay fellow yearn. Back to Line
33] maunna: must not. Back to Line
38] feg: fig.
winna: will not. Back to Line
43] fock: folk.
unco heese: uncommon lift. Back to Line
44] kail-worms: caterpillars that feed on cabbages. Back to Line
46] skaith: trouble. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.768; RPO 1996-2000.