Blow, Northerne Wind

Original Text: 
Facsimile of British Museum MS. Harley 2253, intro. by N. R. Ker (London: Early English Text Society, 1965). PR 1119 .A2H3 Trinity College
1    Blow, northerne wynd,
3  Blow, northerne wynd,
4    Blou, blou, blou!
10A burde of blod and of bon
17With lossom ey{.e}, grete ant god{.e},
22Ase a launterne a nyht,
24    So feyr heo is ant fyn!
26With arm{.e}s, shuldr{.e}, ase mon wold{.e},
28    God wolde hue wer{.e} myn!
31They{.e}s, legg{.e}s, fet, ant al,
34That sweting is, and ever wes;
38Gracious{.e}, stout, and gay,
42Bi est, bi west, by north and south,
44    That such murth{.e}s maketh.
45  Heo is coral of godness{.e},
46Heo is rubie of ryhtfulness{.e},
49Heo is lilie of largess{.e},
69  For hir{.e} love y carke ant car{.e},
71For hir{.e} love my blisse is bar{.e},
72    Ant al ich wax{.e} won;
74For hir{.e} love al nyht ich wak{.e},
75For hir{.e} love mournynge y mak{.e}
76    Mor{.e} then eny mon.


2] suetyng: sweeting, sweetheart. Back to Line
5] ichot: I know.
burde in boure: lady in bower. Back to Line
6] semly is on syht: is comely to behold. Back to Line
7] menskful: worshipful, honourable. Back to Line
8] fre to fonde: noble when put to the test, made trial of (alliterative formula) Back to Line
9] wurhliche mon: noble dwelling-place, i.e. the world. Back to Line
11] I never knew any. Back to Line
12] lussomore: more lovesome, attractive. Back to Line
13] lefliche: lovely. Back to Line
14] frount: forehead.
fonge: take, fondle. Back to Line
15] She must mingle in many pleasures. Back to Line
16] That bird (maiden) so joyous in bower. Back to Line
18] hode: hood. Back to Line
19] Christ who lay on the cross. Back to Line
20] leflich lyf: lovely person. Back to Line
21] lure: face.
lumes: shines. Back to Line
23] bleo: colour.
blykyeth: gleams. Back to Line
25] suetly suyre: sweet neck. Back to Line
27] forte folde: (for) to clasp. Back to Line
29] menskful: fittingly. Back to Line
30] cher: face. Back to Line
32] Is fashioned in the best way. Back to Line
33] lasteles: faultless. Back to Line
35] never nes: never was (double negative). Back to Line
36] Praised among the highest. Back to Line
37] dereworthe: precious. Back to Line
39] gentil: noble, generous. Back to Line
40] Noble while she wakes, noble in all her activity. Back to Line
41] murgest: merriest. Back to Line
43] There is neither fiddle nor crowd (a kind of fiddle). Back to Line
47] clannesse: purity. Back to Line
48] bealté: beauty. Back to Line
50] paruenke: periwinkle, an evergreen trailing shrub with light-blue flowers. Back to Line
51] solsecle: marigold. Back to Line
52] lealté: loyalty. Back to Line
70] droupne ant dare: droop and lurk or lie hidden. Back to Line
73] slake: slacken. Back to Line
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RPO poem Editors: 
N. J. Endicott
RPO Edition: 
2RP.1.2; RPO 1996-2000.