1When tears come, they do not come as water in the eyes, they come
2as children you have lost, beautiful faces of tears falling past
3into lives that you shall never know. You want to call upon the stars,
4to bid them gaze upon them, filling them with light, faces of children
5upon your cheeks slipping away. How could it be that tears have lives,
6seeking mothers, seeking consolations of the dark -- tears
7that lie in pieces in every room you move within? Tears are not
8what we wanted to say, they are the children for whom we had no words.
Publication Notes: 
Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano. Ottawa: BuschekBooks, 1996: 16.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire
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&copy; 1996 <i>Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano</i> BuschekBooks