Original Text: 
The Poems and Letters of Digby Mackworth Dolben 1848-1867. Ed. Martin Cohen (England: Avebury, 1981) : 75-76.
1Beyond the calumny and wrong,
2Beyond the clamour and the throng,
3Beyond the praise and triumph-song,
4   He passed.
5Beyond the scandal and the doubt,
6The fear within, the fight without,
7The turmoil and the battle-shout,
8   He sleeps.
9The world for him was not so sweet
10That he should grieve to stay his feet
11Where youth 's and manhood's highways meet
12   And die.
13For every child a mother's breast,
14For every bird a guarded nest,
15For him alone was found no rest
16   But this.
17Beneath the flight of happy hours,
18Beneath the withering of the flowers,
19In folds of peace more sure than our's
20   He lies.
21A night no glaring dawn shall break,
22A sleep no cruel voice shall wake,
23An heritage that none can take
24   Are his.
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Ian Lancashire
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