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Last Makings: Poems by Earle Birney (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1991): 82-83. PS 8503 I75L38 1991 Robarts Library
3a cinnamon bearcub
4curled in a warm ball
5thinking of honey & berries
6nuts roots or even
7grass jelly for supper
8a sturdy raccoon too
9with marked eyes
10& dexterous forepaws
11very frequent to bathe
12& a bandit of ice cream
13who sleeps a lot
14with one slow hindpaw
15poking most modestly out
16or a shy bobcat
17coloured olive-brown
18or maybe pale gold
19with round
20slipper-fur feet
21on which she sits very quiet
22and so thoughtful
23beside her leafy plants
24she is sometimes invisible
25though very much there
27squirrel as well
28sinuous & all compact
29alert & frisky
30& away & back like a dream
31& whatever creature
32she is its peaceful emissary
33most faithful
34& most loving


1] A bestiary is a medieval manuscript of animals, real and fabulous. Back to Line
2] undulant: moving like a wave. Back to Line
26] ochre: reddish-brown. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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