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William Lisle Bowles, Sonnets, written chiefly on picturesque spots during a tour, 2nd edn. (Bath: R. Cruttwell, 1789). D-10 2523 Fisher Rare Book Library
1Whose was that gentle voice, that, whispering sweet,
2    Promised methought long days of bliss sincere!
3    Soothing it stole on my deluded ear,
4Most like soft music, that might sometimes cheat
5Thoughts dark and drooping! 'Twas the voice of Hope.
6    Of love and social scenes, it seemed to speak,
7    Of truth, of friendship, of affection meek;
8That, oh! poor friend, might to life's downward slope
9Lead us in peace, and bless our latest hours.
10    Ah me! the prospect saddened as she sung;
11    Loud on my startled ear the death-bell rung;
12Chill darkness wrapt the pleasurable bowers,
13Whilst Horror, pointing to yon breathless clay,
14"No peace be thine," exclaimed, "away, away!"
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J. D. Robins
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2RP.2.18; RPO 1996-2000.