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The Golden Treasury of Indo-Anglian Poetry 1828-1965, ed. Vinayak Kristna Gokak (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 1970): 163. PR 1174 G6 1970 Robarts Library
1You are the Rose of me,
2In you have I lost myself utterly,
3Your fragrance, as a breath from Paradise,
4About me ever lies;
5I crush you to my heart with subtlest ecstasy
6And on your lips I live, and in your passionate eyes.
7You are the Dream of me,
8My visions many-footed flit and flee
9Beneath the jewelled arches of Life's grace:
10But through lone nights and days,
11One form I follow, and mine eyes but see
12The dear delightful wonder of your love-lit face.
13You are the Greatness of me,
14My thoughts are Beauty shaped exquisitely
15To the rare pattern of your loveliness
16Exceeding all excess:
17And the strange magic of this mystery,
18Steals weight from burdened hours, and woe from weariness.
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Ian Lancashire
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