Beating the Bounds (by John Steffler)

Original Text: 
John Steffler, Lookout: Poems (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2010). This poem is reproduced on the Griffin Prize Web Site (from a volume on the 2011 Canadian Shortlist).
1When I was six years old, my parents,
2along with other adults who'd never spoken
3to me, came laughing and acting silly,
4picking me up, giggling, "Now we'll show
5you a house you didn't know about."
6"A big house."
7"A secret house you knew about all the time."
8So I was frightened, seeing how serious
9it was that they were so strange,
10although I was probably smiling,
11and they carried me and other children my age
12to the river and said, "Here is the marble
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Ian Lancashire
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