Astrophel and Stella: Ninth Song

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The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the third time published with sundry new additions of the same author. Edinburgh: Printed by Robert Walde-graue, 1599. STC 22542.
1Go my flocke, go get you hence,
2Seeke a better place of feeding,
3Where you may haue some defence
4Fro the stormes in my breast breeding,
5And showers from mine eies proceeding.
7Can abide to keepe no measure,
8Merry flocke, such one forgo,
9Vnto whom mirth is displeasure,
10Only rich in mischiefes treasure.
11     Yet alas before you go,
12Heare your wofull maisters story,
13Which to stones I els would show,
14Sorrow only then hath glory:
15When tis excellently sory.
16     Stella fiercest shepherdesse,
17Fiercest but yet fairest euer;
18Stella whom O heauens do blesse,
19Tho against me she perseuer,
20Tho I blisse enherit neuer.
21     Stella hath refused me,
22Stella who more loue hath proued,
25Toward Lamkins best beloued.
26     Stella hath refused me,
27Astrophel that so well serued,
28In this pleasant spring must see
29While in pride flowers be preserued,
30Himselfe only winter-sterued.
31     Why alas doth she then sweare,
32That she loueth me so dearely,
33Seeing me so long to beare
34Coles of loue that burne so clearely;
35And yet leaue me helpelesse meerely?
36     Is that loue? forsooth I trow,
37If I saw my good dog grieued,
38And a helpe for him did know,
39My loue should not be beleeued,
40But he were by me relieued.
41     No, she hates me, wellawy,
42Faining loue, somewhat to please me:
43For she knowes, if she display
44Al her hate, death soone wold seaze me
45And of hideous torments ease me.
46     Then adieu, deere flocke adieu:
47But alas, if in your straying
48Heauenly Stella meete with you,
49Tell her in your piteous blaying,
50Her poore slaues vnjust decaying.


6] line indent added Back to Line
23] caitife: caitiff, imprisoned, miserable Back to Line
24] jawes: possibly an alternate spelling for ."ewes." Back to Line
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Marc R. Plamondon
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