Astrophel and Stella: 1

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The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the third time published with sundry new additions of the same author. Edinburgh: Printed by Robert Walde-graue, 1599. STC 22542.
1Loving in truth, and faine in verse my loue to show,
2That she (deare she) might take some pleasure of my paine:
3Pleasure might cause her reade, reading might make her know,
4Knowledge might pittie winne, and pittie grace obtaine,
5I sought fit words to paint the blackest face of woe,
8Some fresh and fruitfull showers vpon my sunne-burn'd braine.
9But words came halting foorth, wanting Inuentions stay,
10Inuention Natures childe, fled step-dame Studies blowes,
11And others feete still seem'd but strangers in my way.
12Thus great with childe to speak, and helplesse in my throwes,
13Biting my trewand pen, beating my selfe for spite,
14Foole, said my Muse to me, looke in thy heart and write.


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