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Susan Holbrook, Joy Is so Exhausting (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2009): 34-35.

1a wrong tree what is rued
2the mouth what is barked up
3French what is foamed at
4the bird what is excused
5the slip what is flipped
6something fishy and a rat what is given
7a long story what is smelled
8my dead body what is made short
9the flow what is over
10your own medicine what is gone with
11the eye of the beholder what is tasted
12humidity what is beauty in
13your head what is not heat
14more than you can chew what is kept above water
15a rose garden what is bitten off
16an old dog what did I never promise you
17the trees what cannot be taught new tricks
18the dust what can one not see the forest for
19the land what is bit
20that bridge what did time forget
21the pitch what will we cross when we come to it
22the ropes what is queered
23a limb what is known
24the lock what is gone out on
25the vote what is raped
26parole what is won
27the night what is he out on
28the heart what is taken back
29the word what is worn on sleeves
30what's good for the goose what's mum's
31bygones what's good for the gander
32the day what are bygones let be
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Copyright © Susan Holbrook 2009 and not to be reproduced without her explicit written permission.