And Her Mother Came Too

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The Oxford Book of Comic Verse. Edited by John Gross. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994: 275. PR1195 .H8 O88 1994 Robarts Library
1I seem to be the victim of a cruel jest,
2It dogs my footsteps with the girl I love the best.
3She's just the sweetest thing that I have ever known,
4But still we never get the chance to be alone.
5My car will meet her--And her mother comes too!
6It's a two-seater--Still her mother comes too!
7At Ciro's when I am free, at dinner, supper or tea,
8She loves to shimmy with me--And her mother does too!
9We buy her trousseau--And her mother comes too!
10Asked not to do so--Still her mother comes too!
11She simply can't take a snub, I go and sulk at the club,
12Then have a bath and a rub--And her brother comes too!
13There may be times when couples need a chaperone,
14But mothers ought to learn to leave a chap alone.
15I wish they'd have a heart and use their common sense
16For three's a crowd, and more, it's treble the expense.
17We lunch at Maxim's--And her mother comes too!
18How large a snack seems--When her mother comes too!
19And when they're visiting me, we finish afternoon tea,
20She loves to sit on my knee--And her mother does too!
21To golf we started--And her mother came too!
22Three bags I carted--When her mother came too!
23She fainted just off the tee, my darling whisper'd to me
24'Jack, dear, at last we are free!'--But her mother came to!
Publication Notes: 
A to Z, a revue. Music by Ivor Novello and Helen Trix; Book and Lyrics: Dion Titheradge; Ronald Jeans and Helen Trix; Additonal Songs by Philip Braham, Lew Brown, Douglas Furber, Albert von Tilzer, Les Copeland and Kenneth Duffield. Performed at the Prince of Wales' Theatre, London - 11 October, 1921 (428 performances)
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Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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