Always unsuitable

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© Marge Piercy. Early Grrrl: the Early Poems of Marge Piercy (Wellfleet, Mass.: Leapfrog Press, 1999): 154-55. PS 3566 .I4E18 1999 Robarts Library
2They were grinning politely and evenly at me.
3Unsuitable they smirked. It is true
4I look a stuffed turkey in a suit. Breasts
5too big for the silhouette. She knew
6at once that we had sex, lots of it
7as if I had strolled into her diningroom
8in a dirty negligee smelling gamy
10on my neck. I could never charm
11the mothers, although the fathers ogled
12me. I was exactly what mothers had warned
13their sons against. I was quicksand
14I was trouble in the afternoon. I was
15the alley cat you don't bring home.
16I was the dirty book you don't leave out
17for your mother to see. I was the center-
18fold you masturbate with then discard.
19Where I came from, the nights I had wandered
20and survived, scared them, and where
21I would go they never imagined.
22Ah, what you wanted for your sons
23were little ladies hatched from the eggs
24of pearls like pink and silver lizards
25cool, well behaved and impervious
26to desire and weather alike. Mostly
27that's who they married and left.
28Oh, mamas, I would have been your friend.
29I would have cooked for you and held you.
30I might have rattled the windows
31of your sorry marriages, but I would
32have loved you better than you know
33how to love yourselves, bitter sisters.
Copyright 1999 Early Grrrl: the Early Poems of Marge Piercy Leapfrog Press


1] This is the last poem in the book, and in a section entitled "Uncollected Poems: poems spanning several decades." Back to Line
9] strawberry: a bruise or sore (from kissing or sucking). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2000.
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