‘Ach, I Dunno!’

1I'm simply surrounded by lovers,
2    Since Da made his fortune in land;
3They're comin' in crowds like the plovers
4    To ax for me hand.
5There's clerks and policemen and teachers,
6    Some sandy, some black as a crow;
7Ma says ye get used to the creatures,
8    But, ach, I dunno!
9The convent is in a commotion
10    To think of me taking a spouse,
11And they wonder I hadn't the notion
12    Of taking the vows.
13'Tis a beautiful life and a quiet,
14    And keeps ye from going below,
15As a girl I thought I might try it,
16    But, ach, I dunno!
17I've none but meself to look after,
18    An' marriage it fills me with fears,
19I think I'd have less of the laughter
20    And more of the tears.
21I'll not be a slave like me mother,
22    With six of us all in a row,
23Even one little baby's a bother,
24    But, ach, I dunno!
25There's a lad that has taken me fancy,
26    I know he's a bit of a limb,
27And though marriage is terrible chancy,
28    I'd -- chance it with him.
29He's coming to-night -- oh -- I tingle,
30    From the top of me head to me toe,
31I'll tell him I'd rather live single,
32    But, ach, I dunno!
Publication Notes: 
Best Irish Songs of Percy French ed. Tony Butler (London: Wolfe Publishing Ltd., 1971): 16-17. ML54.6 .F7B4 Robarts Library
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire