Tired As I Can Be

Tired As I Can Be

Original Text
Anna Stong Bourgeois, Blueswomen: Profiles of 37 Early Performers, with an Anthology of Lyrics, 1920-1945 (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1996): 22.
1I wait all the winter and I wait all fall.
3And now I'm tired, tired as I can be.

7And you never did win, you kept on askin' for more.
8And now I'm tired, I ain't gonna do it no more.
9And when I leave you this time you won't know where I go.

11My house rent's due, they done put me outdoors.
13I done got tired of your low down dirty ways.
14And your sister say you been dirty, dirty all your days.

16I never will forget when the time was good.
17I caught you standin' out yonder in the tiny woods.
18And now I'm tired, tired as I can be.
19And I'm goin' back south to my used to be.


2] ashes hauled: have an orgasm. Back to Line
4] blues: sad feelings, depression, bad times. Back to Line
6] spin my door: have intercourse with (e.g., current terms "front door" and "back door"). Back to Line
12] V8 Ford: fast Ford Motor Company car with an eight-cylinder engine. Back to Line
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