Sonnets, II

Sonnets, II


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"Sonnets, II," Poems (Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1864): 27. Internet Archive

2Up to the light from that abyss of stars,
3Now wheeling into gloom through sunset bars) --
4With all its elements of form and flow,
5And life in life; where crowned, yet blind, must go
6The sensible king, -- is but a Unity
7Compressed of motes impossible to know;
8Which worldlike yet in deep analogy,
9Have distance, march, dimension, and degree;
10So the round earth -- which we the world do call --
11Is but a grain in that that mightiest swells,
12Whereof the stars of light are particles,
13As ultimate atoms of one infinite Ball,
14On which God moves, and treads beneath his feet the All!


1] sphere: possibly the firmament, the stars thatappear to move across the sky as a single sheet. Back to Line
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