Sonnets. I

Sonnets. I


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"Sonnets. I," Poems (Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1864): 26. Internet Archive

1The starry flower, the flower-like stars that fade
2And brighten with the daylight and the dark, --
4And glimmering crags with laurel overlaid,
5Even to the Lord of light, the Lamp of shade,
6Shine one to me, -- the least, still glorious made
8And, so, dim grassy flower, and night-lit spark,
9Still move me on and upward for the True;
10Seeking through change, growth, death, in new and old.
11The full in few, the statelier in the less,
12With patient pain; always remembering this, --
13His hand, who touched the sod with showers of gold,


3] bluet: houstonia, four-petalled star-like flower native to North America; or Oldenlandia cærulea, "a delicate little herb producing in spring a profusion of light blue flowers fading to white, with a yellowish eye" (OED). Back to Line
7] hierarch: Christ. Back to Line
14] Orion: constellation named after a hunter in Greek mythology, visible at night in the northern hemisphere, with three prominent bright stars termed Orion's "belt." Back to Line
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