Shave 'Em Dry

Shave 'Em Dry

Original Text
Anna Stong Bourgeois, Blueswomen: Profiles of 37 Early Performers, with an Anthology of Lyrics, 1920-1945 (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1996): 22-3.
1I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb.
2I got somethin' 'tween my legs would make a dead man come.

6Say, I fucked all night and all the night before baby.
7And I feel just like I want to fuck some more.
8Oh, great God, daddy, honey, shave me till I'm dry.
9And when you hear me holler, baby, want you to shave 'em dry.

11I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb.
12Daddy, you say that's the kind you want, and you can make 'em come.
13Oh, daddy shave me dry.
14And I'll give you somethin' baby, well, it'll make you cry.

16I'm gonna turn back my mattress and let you oil my springs.
17I want you to grind me, daddy, till the bells do ring.
18Oh, daddy, want you to shave me dry.
19Oh, great god daddy, if you can't shave 'em baby, won't you try.

21Now, if fuckin' was a thing that would take me to hell,
22I'd be fuckin' into you until the clock strikes twelve.
23Oh, daddy, daddy shave 'em dry.
24I would fuck you, baby, honey, I'd make you cry.

27And your dick stands up like a stick.
28Your goddamn asshole fell open like a church door,
30Ow, shit! Woo, baby, won't you shave 'em dry.

32A big sow gets fat from eatin' corn and a pig gets fat from suckin'.
33When you see this poor fat black I am, great God, I got fat from fuckin'.
34Woo, shave 'em dry.

36My back is made of whale bone.
37And my cock is made of brass.
39Great God, go round and kiss my ass.
40Oh, woo, daddy, shave 'em dry.


3] shave 'em dry: have intercourse. Back to Line
4] grind: have intercourse. Back to Line
26] bell clapper: the gong of a bell, also a deformity of the scrotum. Back to Line
29] crab: crab lice, crab louse. Back to Line
38] two dollars: a reference to prostitution. Back to Line
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