Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

i.m. Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997)

Original Text
Rosemarie Rowley, In Memory of Her (Dublin: Rowan Tree Press, 2004): 82
2Dreamed a peep-shy wedding to a Prince
3Her one longing to be cherished through the years
4By a lover, husband, brother: not since
5The beginning of time a perfect love be found
6To ease the pain of separation and of grief
7She gave to others her complete round
8Of compassion, love, yet was taken by a thief
9To steal her image, peddle it to crowds
10Make her true love of children mawkish
11In death, we see her vision through such clouds
12Her smile radiant, joyful, a little rakish
13For hers is the Queendom, the power and the glory


1] Rowley won an American Library of Poetry award for this poem in 1997. Back to Line
14] In 1992, officially as a member of the royal family, Diana visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India; and her loneliness, captured in a photograph as she sat by herself before this mausoleum to love, became an icon of her plight. Back to Line
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