Outward Bound

Outward Bound

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The Poetical Works of Charles Harpur, ed. Elizabeth Perkins (London, Sydney and Melbourne: Angus & Robertson, 1984): 357. Online at the University of Sydney Library at http://setis.library.usyd.edu.au/ozlit

1Away -- away she plunges,
2    With her white sails o'er her spread,
5Still away she plunges rampant,
6    Like a lion roused to wrath,
7And the late proud wave lies humbled
8    In the form-track of her path.
9Ye ho! My gallant sailors
10    Wear her head from off the land;
11As his steed obeys the Arab
12    How she giveth to the hand!
13And the deep is her wide dwelling,
14    Her wild spouse the gipsy Wind,
15Like a soul from earth departing
16    So she leaves the coast behind!


3] sheety: resembling a sheet. Back to Line
4] piny: forested with pines. Back to Line
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Poems ( Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide: George Robinson, 1883).

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