Never Blush to Dream

Never Blush to Dream

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Last Makings: Poems by Earle Birney (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1991): 91-92. PS 8503 I75L38 1991 Robarts Library

to a melody in the "Chrysanthemum Rag" of Scott Joplin
2a lost love
3slides into your bed again
4there's no treason
5though the blood stirs
6when a stranger speaks his name
7each lover keeps the home
8he made within your mind
9and has a key
10to lie with you unbidden
11so long as you are holding
12gentle thoughts of him
13never feel a guilt
14to hear me
15whisper still within the night
16old loves lurk in eyes
17that brighten
18to the new enchanter's sight
19i too must rise from warmth
20to drift with other ghosts
21from worldly view
22yet i'll come into your bed
23some night again
24and dream myself alive in you


1] "Chrysanthemum Rag" of Scott Joplin: African-American ragtime composer (1868-1917). Back to Line
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