Mavety Street

Mavety Street

-- for Kerry

Original Text

Bruce Meyer, The Presence (Ashland, Or.: Story Line Press, 1999): 34.

1When moonlight stole like guilty cats
2    and summer owned the air
4    and tousled your starlit hair.
5Grave windows on the darkened rows,
7cast off their grimy prose of life
8    and wished two lovers well.
9The old men in the Balkan Hall
10    looked up from losing hands --
11my love I pledged on Mavety Street,
12     more heart than head or glands.
13Your tiny flat was heaven's realm,
14    the roof leaked sylvan streams,
15but you and me together there
16    was daylight to my dreams.
17And moonlight stole the years away
18    and summers drank the air,
19I thirst for that kiss on Mavety Street
20    and the starlight in your hair.


3] Short north-south street between Dundas and Annette in the Junction, Toronto. Back to Line
6] Now M-C Dairy Co., 212 Mavety Street. Back to Line
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