CO-EDITOR (1963)

Born Sept. 7, 1905, Kathleen Coburn was educated at Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto and went on to take a B.A. in 1928 and an M.A. in 1930 from the University of Toronto, and a B.Litt. from St. Hugh's College, Oxford, in 1932. After four years as Assistant to the Dean of Women at Victoria College in Toronto, she joined its Department of English in 1936 and taught there until her retirement in 1971. Shortly after World War II, Coburn discovered a great collection of unpublished manuscripts by the Romantic poet and critic S. T. Coleridge. With the support of the Coleridge estate, she embarked on a career of editing and publishing these works. She told the story of her scholarly adventures in In Pursuit of Coleridge in 1977. Many honours came her way, including a Leverhulme Award (1948), a Guggenheim Fellowship (1953), a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (1958), the Order of Canada (1974), and an honorary doctorate from her own university (1978).

Kathleen Coburn co-edited the selections from Coleridge with R. S. Woof for the 1963 edition of Representative Poetry.

Her portrait comes from Robin Harris' English Studies at Toronto (1988), courtesy of Victoria College.



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