He lived amidst th' untrodden ways

He lived amidst th' untrodden ways

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Hartley Coleridge, New Poems, Including a Selection from his Published Poetry, ed. Earl Leslie Griggs (London: Oxford University Press, 1942): 98. PR 4467 N4 1942 Robarts Library.

3A bard whom there were none to praise,
4     And very few to read.
5Behind a cloud his mystic sense,
6     Deep-hidden, who can spy?
7Bright as the night, when not a star
8     Is shining in the sky.
10     With dust is dark and dim;
12     The difference to him!


1] Cf. William Wordsworth's "She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways". Back to Line
2] Rydal Lake: Rydal Water, a lake just northwest of Ambleside, Cumbria, and the home of William Wordsworth from 1817 to 1850. Back to Line
9] his `Milk-white Doe': unidentified. Back to Line
11] Longman's shop: Wordsworth's publisher. Back to Line
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Testing Notes and Queries (June 19, 1869; cf. July 24, for authorship)

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