The Forsaken

The Forsaken

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The Conquerors and Other Poems (London: Macmillan, 1935): 22.

1These we may help no more. They have slipped from our hands
2    Like the shining sands
3Of the castles we builded in childhood. The wind and the tide
4    Will not he denied --
5Not though a King cry "Halt!" to the hurrying waters,
7These we must leave for the kites, in the secret strife
8    Of a quarrelling life.
9Spent is their golden laughter. Haggard and poor
10    They shall pass by our door --
11And it may be that out of their breaking, some music is wrung,
12But never for us has the strange blind wanderer sung.


6] Nereid: in the Greek tradition, any of the sea nymphs, one of the fifty daughters of the sea god Nereus. Back to Line
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The Conquerors and Other Poems

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