David Hoeniger was born in Goerlitz, Germany, and received his early education at the Quaker School Eerde, in Ommen, Holland, and an Oxford School certificate in 1938. He obtained both his B.A. and his M.A. at Victoria College, University of Toronto. Having been made a British Council Scholar, he took his Ph.D. at the University of London in 1954. His first teaching post was as lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, 1946-47, after which he returned to Victoria College at that rank from 1948 to 1955, when he was promoted to Assistant Professor of English. In the fall of 1960 he replaced Millar MacLure as F. E. L. Priestley's associate editor for the seventh edition of Representative Poetry and took major responsibility for the first volume, which came out in 1962. He gave a four-page report on its completion to a meeting of the Department. After being promoted to Associate Professor in 1961, and to Full Professor in 1963, in the year his Arden edition of Shakespeare's Pericles was published, Hoeniger became Director of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (1964-69, 1975-79). Over the years he built up its Library research collection, especially with rare books and facsimiles. He became a Guggenheim Fellow in 1964-65. The fruits of this research came out in 1966, when Penguin published his edition of Shakespeare's Henry VIII, and in 1969, when the Folger Shakespeare Library published The Development of Natural History in Tudor England and The Growth of Natural History in Stuart England, which he co-authored with his late wife, Judith F. M. Hoeniger, whom he married in 1954. For almost 15 years, from 1971 to 1985, Hoeniger was General Editor of the Revels Plays, a position he took over from Clifford Leech, who had become Chairman of English at University College after A. S. P. Woodhouse stepped down in 1964. Hoeniger shepherded over a dozen editions to publication during this period. He retired in the early 1990s but continued to publish scholarly books, Medicine and Shakespeare in the English Renaissance (1992) and A Gathering of Flowers from Shakespeare (1997). From 1986 on throughout the 1990s he set up and ran the Victoria College Alumni Book Shop in the Pratt Library and continued his recreational interests in ornithology and travel. He has two children, Brian and Cathleen, is now married to Xu Xueqing, and lives in Toronto.




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