Canada: Case History: 1945

Canada: Case History: 1945

Original Text

Earle Birney, Ghost in the Wheels: Selected Poems (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1977): 40.

1This is the case of a high-school land,
2deadset in adolescence;
4bright cheeks, the gangling presence.
5This boy is wonderful at sports
6and physically quite healthy;
7he's taken to church on Sunday still
9He doesn't like books, except about bears,
10collects new coins and model planes,
11and never refuses a dare.
13yet shouts him down when he talks at table.
15though he's not so witty and no more stable.
17if you say so he'll pull a great face.
18He wants to be different from everyone else
19and daydreams of winning the global race.
22schizophrenia not excluded,
23will he learn to grow up before it's too late?


3] treble: soprano, shrill. Back to Line
8] prurience: sexual interests. Back to Line
12] Uncle: Uncle Sam, the United States. Back to Line
14] French mother: France. Quebecois, a dialect of French, is one of two official languages in Canada. Back to Line
16] his father: England. Back to Line
20] Parents unmarried: England and France. Back to Line
21] E.g., the Uncle. Back to Line
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