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1To all you ladies now at Bath,
2    And eke, ye beaux, to you,
3With aching heart, and wat'ry eyes,
4    I bid my last adieu.
6    Hot reeking from the pumps,
7While music lends her friendly aid,
8    To cheer you from the dumps.
9  Farewell ye wits, who prating stand,
10    And criticise the fair;
11Yourselves the joke of men of sense,
12    Who hate a coxcomb's air.
14    Which glitter in her shop,
15Deluding traps to girls and boys,
16    The warehouse of the fop.
18    Where in the spacious hall,
19With bounding steps, and sprightly air,
20    I've led up many a ball.
22    Was partner in the dance,
23With swimming Haws, and Brownlow blithe,
24    And Britton pink of France.
26    Thy drooping soul revive,
27My heart is full I can no more--
28    John, bid the coachman drive.


5] waters: the mineral waters of Bath, which gave the town its name and made it famous as a health resort. Back to Line
13] Deard's: a shop in Bath. Back to Line
17] Lindsay's and Hayes's were rival ballrooms, built at opposite ends of the town. Back to Line
21] Contemporary men of fashion. Back to Line
25] Nash: Richard Nash, and "King of Bath," Master of Ceremonies at Bath, whose tact and skill in organizing social activities made Bath a great centre of fashion in the 18th century. His life was written by Goldsmith, and he is mentioned in Fielding's Tom Jones, XI, iv. Back to Line