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Random Poem of the Day

1Wintah, summah, snow er shine,
2  Hit's all de same to me,
3Ef only I kin call you mine,
4  An' keep you by my knee.
5Ha'dship, frolic, grief er caih,
6  Content by night an' day,
7Ef only I kin see you whaih
8  You wait beside de way.
9Livin', dyin', smiles er teahs,
10  My soul will still be free,
11Ef only thoo de comin' yeahs
12  You walk de worl' wid me.
13Bird-song, breeze-wail, chune er moan,
14  What puny t'ings dey'll be,
15Ef w'en I's seemin' all erlone,
16  I knows yo' hea't's wid me.