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Sonnet 5
2The lovely gaze where every eye doth dwell
5For never-resting time leads summer on
8Beauty o'er-snow'd and bareness every where;
11Beauty's effect with beauty were bereft,


1] hours] disyllabic. Back to Line
3] play the tyrants] tyrannize over. Back to Line
4] unfair] make lined and aged. This is the only OED citation for this verb. Back to Line
6] hid'ous] hideous Q. Back to Line
7] checkt] arrested. leaves] leave's Q. Back to Line
9] distillation] perfume. Back to Line
10] pris'ner] prisoner Q. Back to Line
12] Nor it ... remembrance] an ellipsis of a verb such as "remain" or "survive." Back to Line
13] flow'rs] flowers Q. Back to Line
14] leese] lose. Back to Line