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On this day: February 29th

Random Poem of the Day

2Were blown to bits by British shells.
4And many a brave Canadian youth
5Will shed his blood on foreign shores,
6And die for Democracy, Freedom, Truth,
7With his body full of Canadian ores,
8Canadian nickel, lead, and scrap,
9Sold to the German, sold to the Jap,


1] Dardanelles: a long narrow strait separating the European Balkans from Asia along the Gallipoli peninsula. British and Commonwealth troops in World War I attempted to clear the strait but were defeated and forced to abandon their attempt by the Turks. Back to Line
3] Vickers: English marine equipment and munitions manufacturer. Back to Line
10] tickers: stock tickers that issued continuous paper strip printing abbreviated company names, stock transaction prices, and a record of the number of stocks sold and purchased. Back to Line