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Random Poem of the Day

1A pale enchanted moon is sinking low
2    Behind the dunes that fringe the shadowy lea,
3And there is haunted starlight on the flow
4    Of immemorial sea.
5I am alone and need no more pretend
6    Laughter or smile to hide a hungry heart;
7I walk with solitude as with a friend
8    Enfolded and apart.
9We tread an eerie road across the moor
10    Where shadows weave upon their ghostly looms,
11And winds sing an old lyric that might lure
12    Sad queens from ancient tombs.
13I am a sister to the loveliness
14    Of cool far hill and long-remembered shore,
15Finding in it a sweet forgetfulness
16    Of all that hurt before.
18    No longer have the power to make me weep;
19I welcome this communion of the dark
20    As toilers welcome sleep.


17] cark: anxiety. Back to Line