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1Rich fooles there be, whose base and filthy hart
2Lies hatching still the goods wherein they flow:
4Wealth breeding want, more blist, more wretched grow.
5Yet to those fooles heau'n such wit doth impart,
6As what their hands do hold, their heads do know,
7And louing Loue, and louing lay apart,
8As sacred things, far from all daungers show.
9But that rich foole who by blind Fortunes lot,
10The richest gemme of Loue and life enjoyes,
11And cast with foule abuse such beauties blot;
12Let him depriued of sweete but vnfelt joyes,
13(Exil'd for ay from those high treasures, which
14He knowes not) grow in onely follie rich.


3] Tantals smart: Tantalus was punished in Hades by having fruit and water always just out of reach. Back to Line