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Sonnet 89
2And I will comment upon that offence,
4Against thy reasons making no defence.
5Thou canst not (love) disgrace me half so ill,
7As I'll my self disgrace, knowing thy will.
9Be absent from thy walks and in my tongue
10Thy sweet belovèd name no more shall dwell
11Lest I (too much profane) should do it wrong
13    For thee, against my self I'll vow debate,
14    For I must ne'er love him whom thou dost hate.


1] Say] Suppose. Back to Line
3] halt] limp. Back to Line
6] set a form upon] prescribe in me. Back to Line
8] look strange: "to look at a person as if one did not know him" (OED, "strange," a., 11e; an idiom unique to Shakespeare, first in The Comedy of Errors). Back to Line
12] haply] accidentally. Back to Line