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Random Poem of the Day

1My daughter, my little child
2    Who, but yesterday
3Was, in my count of the years
4    But a child at play;
5My daughter, my little child
6    Now wanders apart
7Obsessed with some secret thought--
8    Some sorrow of heart.
9My daughter, my little child--
10    I drew to my side--
11But never a word she said
12    In her maiden pride--
13My daughter, my little child--
14    I learnt of her grief
15She shivered and shook in my arms
16    Like a wind-tossed leaf.
17My daughter, my little child
18    Her love would not say,
19But sobbed of Life's loneliness
20    And its thorny way.
21My daughter, my little child
22    With the blue above
23Saw only the grey of things--
24    Oh, bitter was love!