Zone: le Détroit (by Di Brandt)

After Stan Douglas

Original Text: 
Di Brandt, Now You Care (Toronto: Coach House Press, 2003). This poem is reproduced on the Griffin Prize Web Site (from a volume on the 2004 Canadian Shortlist).
1Breathing yellow air
2here, at the heart of the dream
3of the new world,
4the bones of old horses and dead Indians
5and lush virgin land, dripping with fruit
6and the promise of wheat,
7overlaid with glass and steel
8and the dream of speed:
9all these our bodies
10crushed to appease
11the 400 & 1 gods
12of the Superhighway,
13NAFTA, we worship you,
14hallowed be your name,
15here, where we are scattered
16like dust or rain in ditches,
17the ghosts of passenger pigeons
18clouding the silver towered sky,
19the future clogged in the arteries
20of the potholed city,
21Tecumseh, come back to us
22from your green grave,
23sing us your song of bravery
24on the lit bridge over the black river,
25splayed with grief over the loss
26of its ancient rainbow coloured
27fish swollen joy.
28Who shall be fisher king
29over this poisoned country,
30whose borders have become
31a mockery,
32blowing the world to bits
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Ian Lancashire
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