X Mon. December [1744] hath xxxi days.

1This World's an Inn, all Travellers are we;
2And this World's Goods th'Accommodations be.
3Our Life is nothing but a Winter's Day;
4Some only break their Fast, and so away.
5Others stay Dinner, and depart full fed.
6The deepest Age but sups and goes to bed.
7He's most in Debt that lingers out the Day;
8Who dies betimes has less and less to pay.
Publication Notes: 
The Complete Poor Richard Almanacks, intro. Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Vol. 1, 1733-1747 (Barre, Massachusetts: The Imprint Society, Inc., 1970): 282. PS 749 A3 1970 Robarts Library First published in 1744.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire