Though some Saith that Youth Ruleth me

Original Text: 
British Library Add. MS 31922, fols. 71v-73 (attributed to Henry VIII); and John Stevens, Music & Poetry in the Early Tudor Court (London: Methuen, 1961): 411-12.
1Though some saith that youth ruleth me,
3God and my right and my duty,
4    From them I shall never vary,
5    Though some say that youth ruleth me.
6I pray you all that aged be,
9    Therein a wager lay dare I,
10    Though some saith that youth ruleth me.
11Pastimes of youth sometime among,
12    None can say but necessary.
13I hurt no man, I do no wrong,
14    I love true where I did marry,
15    Though some saith that youth ruleth me.
16Then soon discuss that hence we must.
17    Pray we to God and Saint Mary
18That all amend, and here an end,
19    Thus saith the king, the eighth Harry,
20    Though some saith that youth ruleth me.


2] in age to tarry: to pay attention to (the advice of) age. Back to Line
7] carry: bring off. Back to Line
8] degree: social rank. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
RPO Edition: 
RPO 1997.