On Stephen Duck, the Thresher and Favourite Poet

Original Text: 
Jonathan Swift, Poems on Several Occasions (Dublin: George Faulkner, 1737): 304. B-10 7549 Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto).
1The Thresher Duck, could o'er the Q {-}{-}{-}{-}{-}{-} prevail,
2The Proverb says; No Fence against a Flayl.
3From threshing Corn, he turns to thresh his Brains;
4For which Her M{-}{-}{-}{-}{-}{-}y allows him Grains.
5Though 'tis confess't, that those who ever saw
6His Poems, think them all not worth a Straw.
7Thrice happy Duck, employ'd in threshing Stubble!
8Thy Toil is lessen'd, and thy Profits double.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2.0.