The Slave's Complaint

Original Text: 
George M. Horton, The Hope of Liberty. Containing a Number of Poetical Pieces (Raleigh: J. Gales, 1829): Nendeln: Kraus Reprint, 1973. HT 869 A3 H67 1973 Robarts Library.
1Am I sadly cast aside,
2On misfortune's rugged tide?
3Will the world my pains deride
4            Forever?
5Must I dwell in Slavery's night,
6And all pleasure take its flight,
7Far beyond my feeble sight,
8            Forever?
9Worst of all, must Hope grow dim,
10And withhold her cheering beam?
11Rather let me sleep and dream
12            Forever!
13Something still my heart surveys,
14Groping through this dreary maze;
15Is it Hope? -- then burn and blaze
16            Forever!
17Leave me not a wretch confined,
18Altogether lame and blind --
19Unto gross despair consigned,
20            Forever!
21Heaven! in whom can I confide?
22Canst thou not for all provide?
23Condescend to be my guide
24            Forever:
25And when this transient life shall end,
26Oh, may some kind eternal friend
27Bid me from servitude ascend,
28            Forever!
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.