The River of Pearls at Fez: Translation

Original Text: 
Laurence Hope, Stars of the Desert (New York and London: John Lane and William Heinemann, 1914): 12.
1One evening we sat together
3Stringing verses and sometimes singing.
4My gaze followed the beautiful boy
5Who, with a swift and delicate movement,
6Flung the wine-cup over his shoulder;
7The ruby drops glittered and fell
8Bright in the dying sunshine.
9The River of Pearls shone like a sword in the grass,
10Not disdaining
11The work of turning the waterwheel,
12And the sun, reluctant, lingered about the tree-tops
13In a golden mist of farewell.
14Many the tears that have fallen since,
15Many the nights that have passed,
16But I remember
17The River of Pearls at Fez
18And Seomar whom I loved.


2] Fez: ancient city in Morroco. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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