My Love’s an Arbutus

Original Text: 
The Irish Poems of Alfred Perceval Graves 2nd edn. (1908): 90-91. del G735 A155 1918 v. 2 Fisher Rare Book Library
3So slender and shapely
5And I measure the pleasure
6Of her eye's sapphire sheen
7By the blue skies that sparkle
8Through that soft branching screen.
9But though ruddy the berry
10And snowy the flower
11That brighten together
12The arbutus bower,
13Perfuming and blooming
14Through sunshine and shower,
15Give me her bright lips
16And her laugh's pearly dower.
17Alas! fruit and blossom
18Shall scatter the lea,
19And Time's jealous fingers
21But unranging, unchanging,
22You'll still cling to me,
23Like an evergreen leaf
24To the arbutus tree.


1] arbutus: evergreen tree. Back to Line
2] Lene: Lough Lene, a large lake in Eire. Back to Line
4] girdle: belt. Back to Line
20] machree: my dear. Back to Line
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire
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