My Friend Judge not me

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William Camden, Remaines of a Greater Worke, concerning Britaine, the Inhabitants thereof, their Languages, Names, Surnames, Empreses, Wise Speeches, Poösies, and Epitaphes (London: G. B. for Simon Waterson, 1605): 55. Yale University Library. STC 4521.
2Thou seest I iudge not thee:
3Betwixt the stirrop and the ground,
4Mercy I askt, mercy I found.


1] William Camden writes of this epitaph:
A Gentleman falling off his horse brake his necke, which soddaine hap gaue occasion of much speech of his former life, and some in this iudging world, iudged the worst. In which respect a good friend made this good Epitaph, remembring of S. Augustin. Miserecordia Domini inter pontem, & fontem."
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Ian Lancashire
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