Epitaph on the Tombstone of a Child, the Last of Seven that Died Before

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Aphra Behn, Miscellany, being a collection of poems by several hands (London: J. Hindmarsh, 1685). Wing M2230. hob Fisher Rare Book Library
1This Little, Silent, Gloomy Monument,
2Contains all that was sweet and innocent ;
3The softest pratler that e'er found a Tongue,
4His Voice was Musick and his Words a Song ;
5Which now each List'ning Angel smiling hears,
6Such pretty Harmonies compose the Spheres;
7Wanton as unfledg'd Cupids, ere their Charms
8Has learn'd the little arts of doing harms ;
9Fair as young Cherubins, as soft and kind,
10And tho translated could not be refin'd ;
11The Seventh dear pledge the Nuptial Joys had given,
12Toil'd here on Earth, retir'd to rest in Heaven ;
13Where they the shining Host of Angels fill,
14Spread their gay wings before the Throne, and smile.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1996-2000.