Yozgad XXIV: War that begins in Man in nations ends

Original Text: 
S. de V. Julius, Poems (London: Longmans, 1928): 60-61. British Library 011644.eee.52
1War that begins in Man in nations ends
2To an appointed purpose. It is this:
3That image of the evil in themselves
4May grow to such proportionate extreme
5As to affront with horror of their sin
6The souls of unimaginative men.
7Thus forced they see the purpose of a law
8In which they act the whole in several parts,
9Accused, accuser, witnesses and judge;
10Plead the offence that they have suffered from;
11Accuse themselves of what themselves have done;
12Bear witness both to punishment and crime;
13And from the judgment seat of their own deeds
14Give sentence against witness, judge, and all.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2001