You know where you did despise

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letter from Alexander Pope to Henry Cromwell, June 24, 1710, in The Correspondence of Alexander Pope, ed. George Sherburn, Vol. I (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1956): 90.
3Little Legs, and little Thighs,
4And some things, of little Size,
5              You know where.
6You, tis true, have fine black eyes,
7Taper legs, and tempting Thighs,
8Yet what more than all we prize
9Is a Thing of little Size,
10              You know where.


1] Pope admits in his letter to Cromwell that he thinks of himself as "the Least Thing like a Man in England," partly thanks to the humiliating jesting of a lady recently about his small size. He continues: "some days after, to be reveng'd on her, I presented her amongst other Company the following Rondeau on that occasion ..." (89-90). This is the best evidence of his authorship of the waspish piece, which is accepted as genuine in Minor Poems, ed. Norman Ault and John Butt (London: Methuen, 1954): 61 (PR 3621 B82 Robarts Library). Back to Line
2] Tother: The other. Back to Line
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In Mist's Weekly Journal
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2000.