XII Mon. February [1746] hath xxviii days.

1Man's rich with little, were his Judgment true,
2Nature is frugal, and her Wants are few;
3Those few Wants answer'd, bring sincere Delights,
4But Fools create themselves new Appetites.
5Fancy and Pride seek Things at vast Expence,
6Which relish not to Reason nor to Sense


7] airpump: OED 'air-pump,' citing Addison in The Spectator, no. 21 (1711): ."For want of other Patients [they] amuse themselves with the stifling of Cats in an Air-Pump.." Back to Line
8] Copied from Edward Young's ."Satire V. On Women,." lines 167-72, 177-78. Back to Line
Publication Notes: 
The Complete Poor Richard Almanacks, intro. Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Vol. 1, 1733-1747 (Barre, Massachusetts: The Imprint Society, Inc., 1970): 320. PS 749 A3 1970 Robarts Library First published in 1746.
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Ian Lancashire